Friday, 7 February 2014

Dental Sealants Dentist

Easy Prevention of Tooth Decay for ChildrenDental Sealants Dentist Meriden CT 06450
Most children have a hard time doing a good job when they brush their teeth. Even adults don’t get it right all the time! No matter how meticulous your child’s brushing may be, sometimes their brushing can’t reach the deep grooves in the back teeth. Bacteria, acids, and plaque can have a party back there, and that’s the perfect recipe for decay. Decay causes permanent damage, and the only solutions are a filling or crown.

But we can help you keep any of this from happening, by applying dental sealants to those back teeth.

After the teeth are cleaned and sterilized, a thin plastic clear or white coating is applied. A curing light bonds the sealant in place. The whole procedure takes just a few minutes. There are no shots or drills or removal of any tooth structure, so it’s completely painless. Applying dental sealants is one of the best preventive things both children and adolescents can do to preserve their natural teeth!

You’ll be amazed at how easy applying dental sealants is for helping kids and teens protect their teeth.

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