Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Third Molar Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Meriden CT 06450The third molars came to be called wisdom teeth because they erupt later in life than all the other teeth, usually between ages 17 and 25. With age comes wisdom, so the term “wisdom teeth” came to be used.

These teeth erupt through the gums at the back of your mouth, two each in the upper and lower jaws. Unfortunately, most of us can’t fit these teeth in our mouths. The lack of room often causes impaction, when they become enclosed in the bone of the jaws instead of growing in straight. Impaction can cause a whole range of problems. They push and crowd the other teeth, which might cause these teeth to twist and turn. Cavities often occur more easily in these teeth and the ones next to them, because the crowding makes them difficult to clean. You can even get an infection in the jaw bone.

It’s usually best if wisdom teeth are removed at a young age, before problems occur and the bone in the jaw becomes denser, holding tighter to the teeth. Dental Group of Meriden-Wallingford offers IV sedation to help patients through this treatment. See the “Your Comfort” page for more information.

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